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With the current wave of new means to access funds, and the steady enforcement on cashless policies. The South African Post Office announced plans to rollout cashless ATMs in four months time.

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Following an announcement from The South African Post Office (Sapo). In the coming months, it will roll out 10,000 cashless ATMs as it introduces a mobile cashless money service.

The reports said that the Post Office will be pioneering the cashless money service in KwaZulu-Natal with grant payments at the registered community spaza shops.

The aim of the rollout of the cashless ATMs is to limit movements in rural areas where people will have to travel long distances to access their grants through hard cash.

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With the new development, people will start receiving their grant payments through their mobile devices, restricting them from going far distance.

“Sassa and other bank customers with these devices will be able to buy affordable goods closer to where they live directly from their account”, said Sapo COO Refilwe Kekana.

Sapo also notes that, this will help in promoting local economic activities that will also allow grant recipients to get their money on their phones.

“In future, we will open these devices to do more transactions like prepaid purchases, bill payments, insurance payments, money transfers.”

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