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Crypto Traders, Beware Of Flubot !

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Investigattions by the rapid response team of Sophos, a cyber security firm, has revealed that most of the cryptocurrency investors are becoming targets for ransomware through face app login screens. The study mentions Flubot, a mobile malware family that wreaked…

Cryptocurrency Market Capitalisation Blows Over $3 Trillion. Bitcoin, Ethereum Reaches New All Time Highs.

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The overall market cap of cryptocurrencies hit $3.3 trillion on Tuesday. The market for cryptocurrencies has roughly quadrupled from its 2020 year-end value. The cryptocurrency market is now worth more than $3 trillion. The little more than a decade old…

Solana Price Records 17,000% Increase in 2021, And Still Growing. What to Know About This Ethereum Competitor ?

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Solana is cementing it’s place as one of the most preferred blockchain network giving leading blockchain network platform Ethereum a good run. Solana which native cryptocurrency token is called SOL has skyrocketed in price this year to investors’ delight. Let’s…

Top List of Freelance Websites to Get You a Pay in Bitcoin in 2021

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This is a list of the top freelance website that can pay you in Bitcoin for job in 2020. These are websites which allow you to register either as an employer looking for a freelancer, or a freelancer looking to be employed.

Poly Network Hack: Tether Freezes 33 Million USDT.

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Not less than $611 million were stolen in this hack. Poly Network has suffered what appears to be the biggest DeFi hack in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The cross-chain decentralized finance Network has lost more than $611 million as the result of…

Wrapped Bitcoins Sharply Surpasses Bitcoin on Coinmarketcap

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Bitcoin’s market capitalization briefly dropped today as Wrapped Bitcoin suddenly topped the rank gaining quadrillions of dollars in value.  The wrapped bitcoin suddenly gained a huge market capitalization of about $430 quadrillion for a brief period. The total market capitalization…

2 Key Reasons Behind the Next DeFi Boom

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Data from Messari confirmed an increase in the number of DeFi tokens newly listed on the platform. In the past 30 days, the majority of tokens listed on the site’s DeFi Assets index have increased by more than 20%. These…

Ethereum’s Bull party: Ethereum Steals the show as It Makes Over 50% Liquidating Shorters on Futures.

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As the world’s most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin price surges past $34,000 for the first time, millions are showing great interest in adopting cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.  The digital coin (Ethereum)has more than quadrupled in value since the start of 2021,…

Ethereum Addresses on Profit Reaches Another 2-year High of Over 82% 

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Most ethereum investors are currently on profit already. A big percent of ethereum addresses are in profit (1d MA) just reached an increase of 82.247%.

Anonymous #Eth Wallet Transfers $68,847,701 to Unknown wallet.

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With Ethereum’s price holding up at about $463, a crypto whale just moved $68,847,701 to an unknown wallet.