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Top List of Freelance Websites to Get You a Pay in Bitcoin in 2021

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Last updated on October 28th, 2023 at 08:50 pm

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This is a list of the top freelance websites that can pay you in Bitcoin for a job in 2021.

Bitcoin is changing the way freelancers get paid in this era of emerging technologies like cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

We are witnessing a disruption of the traditional relationship between the employer and the employee.

For many, the days of taking fiat payments like the USDollars are gone. 

The new mode of payment now is cryptocurrency which is instant and has a minimal fee charge compared to the regular fee charge on fiat transactions. 

Moreover, big organisations don’t really have to set up big buildings to accomodate all its workers. 

Many employees work from home and the blockchain smart contract feature is now used to set periods between employer and the employed to finish up a job and get paid instantly.

Members of the thriving gig economy enjoy working from home. 

Especially within the crypto and blockchain space, freelancers opt-in for bitcoin payment aside USD mostly due to the investment opportunities tied to the new gold. 

Cryptocurrency-focused Freelance websites:

These are websites which allow you to register either as an employer looking for a freelancer, or a freelancer looking to be employed.

Currently, cryptocurrency-oriented freelancing sites doesn’t have as much activity when compared with the traditional freelancing sites. 

On the other hand, the fee charged by freelancing cryptocurrency-oriented webistes is way cheaper to the traditional freelance sites. 

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Below is a comprehensive list of freelancing sites you can check on and get paid in Bitcoin for your job in 2020.

  • r/Jobs4Bitcoins — Jobs4Bitcoins on Reddit, is one of the most active places to find work paid in BTC.
  • Cryptogrind — One of the oldest and most popular Bitcoin freelancer site by activity.
  • Coinality — Coinality is top freelance website to find freelance and part/full time work that pays in Bitcoin.
  • WorkingforBitcoins — From the name of the website, you know you can find jobs that pay in BTC.
  • Freelanceforcoins — This website is another freelance site that pays in Bitcoin, but also allows payment in any altcoin.
  • Bitfortip — Bitfortip focuses on micro-tasks, rather than freelance work, and pays in Bitcoin or Nano.
  • CryptoJobs — CryptoJobs is another freelance and fulltime work for many different positions in the Blockchain industry.
  • BitGigs — BitGigs is a popular Bitcoin freelance job arena, with a wide range of listings.
  • Blocklancer — Blocklancer is a another freelance job site that does payment using Ethereum (ETH).
  • CryptoJobsList — CryptoJobList is another active jobs site that offers freelance, and part/full time jobs in the Blockchain industry.

Besides the above freelancing sites, there are a number of microtasking sites, from which you can earn Satoshis for completing minitasks on Lightning Network.

Below is a list of micro tasking site that you can use to earn or get paid in Bitcoin.

  • Stakwork is a website that can pay you with Sats instantly for completing a variety of simple tasks. Anyone can also crowdsource an army of micro workers to help them complete a task.
  • Paid is an app available on iOS and Android which allows users get paid in Sats for completing simple tasks.
  • MicroLancer is a P2P job listing site where you can post a job you need done or apply to complete one of the listed jobs.
  • EarnSats pays in BTC through the Lighting network for completing online surveys.
  • Sats for likes is another app that can pay you in Sats for providing social media likes on popular platforms like Twitter, facebook etc.
  • Cryptojobslist: The web’s biggest list of Cryptocurrency Jobs and Blockchain Jobs. You will discover over 2148+ open Cryptocurrency Jobs and Blockchain Jobs on Crypto Jobs List — the #1 site to find and post jobs. Connect with companies hiring in a few clicks and begin your next experience in the industry.

Traditional Freelancer Sites Paying in Bitcoin. 

Traditional freelancing platforms, unlike their crypto counterparts, pay only in fiat currency like USDT. These sites has a lot of freelancing activities via a huge amount of job listings and opportunities.

The only disadvantage for crypto fans like us is that they don’t pay in Bitcoin.

Bitwage is a Bitcoin-centric payroll and HR service which allows employers and employees to receive payments in Bitcoin. 

On Bitwage, you can receive your pay 100% in Bitcoin, or you can receive a percentage of your wages in fiat currency, and the other in Bitcoin.

How It Works:

Bitwage will create a US bank account for you on the platform with your full details with which you can receive payments from the freelance platform’s fiat payment system.

Once the fiat money hits your Bitwage US dollar account, they will instantly convert some or all of it by request to BTC and send it directly to your bitcoin wallet.

This style of payout allows your employer on Bitwage platform to pay into your US bank account on the platform. They won’t even know that you’re receiving your payment in Bitcoin.

You can spend your bitcoin using Bitrefill or send to friends and family using Bundle Africa app (@tonydiuto). 

Freelance Websites is popular within cryptocurrency community. Freelance websites will help you in getting jobs within the crypto space in Nigeria and Africa.

Buying Bitcoin in Nigeria:

You can buy and sell Bitcoin on these top cryptocurrency P2P platforms in Nigeria, they include;



Bundle Africa

Paxful and others.

Check our article on the top crypto exchange from which you can buy Bitcoin with Nigeria Naira.

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