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Tanzania Should Also Strive for Crypto Adoption, the President of Tanzania, Samia Suluhu Hassan recently shared the need for cryptocurrency adoption in the nation.

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She reminded the Central blank that the East African region, where the country is located, has not advanced like other areas in tech and urged the financial chiefs to start working on issues like the adoption of Cryptocurrencies.

I know that throughout the nation, including Tanzania, they have not accepted or started using these routes. However, my call to the Central Bank is that you should start working on that development. The Central Bank should be ready for the changes and not be caught unprepared.” The 61-year-old President shared.

She said that the age of crypto and blockchain was dawning as she urged her country to step up for change.

President Hassan said Tanzania’s central bank should begin the necessary preparations for a step-change in global attitudes to step-change, singling out cryptocurrencies as the future of finance.

President Hassan backed up the belief in digital assets as, in her opinion, they will shape the future of finance. The Central Bank of Tanzania must put in efforts towards that direction and should act as soon as possible. 

According to the president, Tanzania has witnessed the emergence of a new journey through the internet and would not be left out in the goodness that this technology brings.

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