Tatcoin: What is Tatcoin and Understanding How to Buy Tatcoin on ABiT Network.

Tatcoin: What is Tatcoin and Understanding How to Buy Tatcoin on ABiT Network.
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    Last updated on February 1st, 2023 at 03:18 pm

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    What is Tatcoin:

    Tatcoin is a tradable token for the cryptocurrency market. It will serve as the core transactional currency of the ABiTnetwork. 

    It is a utility token focused on simplifying payment processes for goods and services. It will be available to every user on the ABiT network.

    What is ABiT Network:

    ABiT network is a blockchain creative solutions brand in Africa. It has launched a new utility token called TATCOIN. It is a token that will be available for trading at the cryptocurrency market.  

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    This utility token is focused on simplifying payment processes for goods and services and would be available to every user on the ABiT network. 

    This means that using it on the ABiT platform would include discounted rates on every product and services, such as real estate for ABiTCrowd, payments for ABitPay, shopping and travels for ABiTgo, games for ABiTgames, cryptocurrebcy trading for ABitrader etc.

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    “At ABiTnetwork, we are always looking for smart solutions to prevailing issues in the economy,” says Gaius Chibueze, CEO ABiTnetwork. 

    In a way to solve these issues in Africa, ABiTnetwork is utilizing blockchain technology to provide solutions amongst others which is the new cryptocurrency called the TATCOIN.

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    Moreover, many investors are looking into buying it now to help them put a safe investment amidst the market crash. The coronavirus outbreak has sent the cryptocurrency market into a blazing fire. Investors are looking for a better option now.

    Some are buying more bitcoins while some are buying more Tatcoins, the Africa’s own utility token for the continent. If you think you don’t want this opportunity to pass you by, you can click the link below and proceed with buying it. 

    The token was sold at 3cents during the presale stage at ABiT Network. The presale is over now, ended in June on 2020. The public sale didn’t hold again and Tatcoin trading is now live onnaas scheduled to go live at 7 cents per tatcoin but didn’t happen.

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    It is created as an ERC20 Token which will be minted on the ethereum blockchain. There will be a total fixed supply of 200 million Tatcoin tokens. Check below to see details:

    Tatcoin Presale is Has Ended Now On Abitnetwork!.

    Check below to see full Details of Presale and Intended Public Sales:

    Token Symbol – TAT

    Total Supply – 200,000,000 TAT

    IEO Supply – 90,000,000 TAT

    Pre-Sale – 20,000,000 TAT 

    Token Price – $0.07 (Public Sale)

    Soft Cap – 1,400, 000 USD

    Hard Cap – 6,300, 000 USD

    Contract Address: 0x37ee79e0b44866876de2fb7f416d0443dd5ae481

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    Accepted Cryptourrencies during Presale : Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Ethereum (ETH), Naira.

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    Minimum Purchase at Presale was $50 Tokens. It was later reduced to $25

    Now Old Presale Investors can invest again in Tatcoin with amount of funds by buying on ABiT Network.

    Follow These Steps: 

    Go to Abitnetwork and click register

    After registering, then proceed and click buy tatcoin tab. 

    You can buy using Bitcoin, ETH, Naira Credit Card or Using an Agent.

    You can use the quick swap to buy instantly.

    You can also automate your futures trades using Futures Trading Bot (automated trading bot).

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    ABiT Network is the owner of Tatcoin and has created value around the token through its stream of products.

    Using Tatcoin token as Transactional currency, it will help you to have a discount on all of the products available on the ABiT Network cryptocurrency ecosystem.

    The use cases are what give cryptocurrencies value. When there is a use case whereby people can pay to use a coin or a service, it will be easier for the coin to serve as a payment method for buyers and vendors leading to adoption. 

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    This is exactly what Tatcoin was created to serve across the African market. The very many use cases include Abitmove, a platform where you can pay for your taxi with Tatcoin. 

    Also you can pay for real estate investment with Abitcrowd , pay for flights and other travel expenses on ABiTgo, pay for agricultural investment on ABiT Farm and lots more.

    Apart from being a transactional currency for the AbiT Network ecosystem, Tatcoin can be traded on Cryptocurrencies Exchanges including Bidesk, Naijacrypto etc.

    Apart from these other available investment opportunities open to Tatcoin, an investor can also decide to hold for long term and earn additional TAT via staking program on AbiT Network considering the limited supply of Tatcoin. 

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    The token has a limited supply of 200 Million Tatcoin which can never be increased. There is a probability of increase in the price in the price of Tatcoin which can bring returns to the investor.

    Just like when Bitcoin was at 1 cent in 2009. Those persons who bought it at 1 cent are smiling to the bank today because the price of Bitcoin is now pegged at $11,415 at the time of writing. 

    Imagine buying 10,000 pieces of Tatcoin at 3 cents and holding it for 5 years. Now the price of the coin moves to $1 worth for each. That’s over 100% profit. Already Tatcoin is now at $0.12 and has gained over 100% against the Pre-sale Price. 

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    “These factors make this new player a strong attraction for anyone seriously involved with cryptocurrencies,” said Obiajulu.

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    The ecosystem for Tatcoin consists of the following Applications: 

    • ABiT Rep
    • Tigur
    • ABiT go
    • ABiT Farm
    • ABiT Play
    • ABiT Skillsmart
    • ABiT Crowd
    • ABiT Charity and lots more which we will look at one by one in our next series

    The Value Chain

    A value chain simply means those activities taken by a company operating in a specific industry to deliver a valuable product (i.e., good and/or service) for the market.

    ABiT aims to build and offer valuable products to the users and at the same time get profit for the company and investors.

    According to the Chief Operations Officer Obiajuly; these are the following benefits Tatcoin accrues:

    Gives the opportunity to build wealth, Increases Participation in various markets and Give people access to credit.

    “With this value-chain, a lot of people will be included in the ecosystem. ABiT is creating products really tailored for people’s needs,” says Ajulu.

    In a way to achieve its objective, ABiT has also created an avenue for most youths looking to create wealth but has no platform or opportunity to get involved. 

    ABiT gives these youths limitless opportunities where they can become an ABiT Rep and earn money by referring active users to use the ABiT products.

    This also opens up opportunities for about 23 million youths without Jobs in Nigeria and across Africa. 

    Moreover, ABiT Crowd creates an opportunity for individuals without enough funds to invest in properties and other sectors like real estate to be able to do this. With ABiT Crowd, persons with little funds can pull it together and buy a landed property through contribution ‘ISUSU’. 

    If you look at the Ecosystem, the three major categories form a very interesting value-chain for the entire community. 

    Cash Flow

    ABiT has made it possible to create a cash flow within the ecosystem through its various services. When users get introduced through ABiT Rep, they end up being an active user either by using ABiTrader to buy their first Bitcoin or they use ABiT Crowd to invest in real estate.

    Additionally, when these active user looks out to either travel, shop or pay for utilizes. He can use ABiTgo, ABiT Discount Shoppers, ABiTPay etc encouraging cash flow within the ABiT Network ecosystem.

    Already, Tatcoin is listed on iVendPay providing a payment option for users across different countries around the world.

    Africa The Biggest Market For Cryptocurrency.

    Africa has a population of over 1.216 billion people, one of the most populated continents across the world of which Tatcoin is reportedly the first utility token to have successfully gained wide exposure.

    In July, Wamkele Mene the recently appointed Secretary-General of the African Continental Free Trade Area Secretariat said: “digital trade is the next big thing in Africa”.

    Considering the fast adoption of Blockchain technology which is fast moving to adoption across Africa. 

    Blockchain technology, a viable technology prioritized by experts for efficient tracking and processing of payment is the most viable tech at the fore-front of adoption for the Free Trade control.

    Tatcoin, a utility token in Africa is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies apart from others that are already on the market.

    Now You can check here to see where to buy and sell Tatcoin after it was listed on various Cryptocurrency trading platforms.

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    This is not an investment advice. Do a due diligent research before investing on your own.

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