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Telegram Releases TON Node Software And Explorer.

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Telegram Releases TON Node Software And Explorer.

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The encrypted instant messaging service Telegram has released the Telegram Open Network (TON) testnet explorer and node software.

Telegram released its Open Network testnet explorer and node software on its website on 6th September, 2019. This is already  two months ahead of its planned launch of the Gram digital currency. 

As Diutocoinnews reported on May. 30. The file contains a smart contract file which can be installed and configured for smart contract deployment. 

Aside the test client available, developers can install the configuration file which when connected to a server can create new smart contracts, audit the state of existing smart contracts, send external messages to smart contracts, and execute other available functions

According to Russian news outlet Vedomosti. This first version of the blockchain is expected to feature sharding and various functional consensus mechanisms, the source added.

Russian News Outlet Vedemosti

The Programming Language Fift.

As Diutocoinnews previously reported, Telegram introduced Fift, a new programming language was released last week. Developers can also deploy Fift to compile, execute, and debug smart contracts. Fift is specifically designed for developing and managing the blockchain smart contracts, and interacting with the Virtual Machine.


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