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Last updated on May 5th, 2021 at 08:27 am

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The Top Five Cryptocurrency Freelancer Jobs Available In Nigeria 2019. The list span through various job opportunities available for the community enthusiasts. 

This is no longer the era of suite and tie. Now people work from the comfort of their home with no stress. The Cryptocurrency Freelancer Jobs is the new wave taking up various freelancer platforms with high demand for freelancers.


One of the best places for a freelancer to get paid in Bitcoin is Cryptogrind. The platform serves as an escrow between the job seeker (freelancers) and the employer. The employer indicates with a click of a button when he is satisfied with the job done by the freelancer and gets his payment. 

XBT Freelancer

Unlike the Coingrind, XBT Freelancer is a job board where employers are free to post job offers. Then anyone who can render the service bids. Users are encouraged to use the escrow service of the platform to avoid fraud.


This is a group on social media platform called Reddit. It is popularly known for posting job offers and offering cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. Most payments come in bitcoins for whoever completes the task. Payments can made in any other currency agreed on by the two parties.

Crypto Job

Crypto Jobs boasts of about 5,000 members. Jobs posted span a whole lot of categories. Job seekers with various blockchain related and cryptocurrency skills can get a job here.

Jobs are readily listed by top blockchain companies around the world. Writers are not left out here. Payments are readily made in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency made available by the paying employer.


Cointelegraph is first and foremost news house  known for releasing up-to-date news articles about happenings in the blockchain and cryptocurrency. You are rest assured that jobs posted on it are from verified sources. The job section of the site is located on the subdomain, 

The above list compiled have stood the test of time. So far, cryptocurrency community have benefited from these job offering sites. We will be updating the list with more new reliable and relevant job listing sites. 

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