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Twitter Blue Debuts In Kenya. All You Need To Know About The Launch.

By Ekenedilichukwu Mar24,2023
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Twitter has today announced that its paid verification system, Twitter Blue, is now available globally.

Twitter Blue is a subscription-based service that offers several user-facing features, but the primary reason for paid verification is to help the platform ‘cut down on bots’ in other words, generate income for Elon Musk.

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However, Twitter will now elevate content from verified users, meaning that users are more likely to see content from verified users over non-verified ones.

Twitter Blue also offers several user-facing features, such as the ability to edit tweets, create bookmark folders, and use custom app icons.

Here’s how much it’ll cost you in Kenya.

Pricing for iOS (Monthly) : $11. Web Pricing (Monthly): $8. Android Pricing (Monthly) iOS Pricing (Yearly) Web Pricing (Yearly) Android Pricing (Yearly) $11.

How to Pay for Twitter Blue in Kenya:
The web is the cheapest way to pay, as you avoid App Store and Google Play Store fees.
Click on Twitter Blue once logged in on the web.

Choose between month or yearly payments. There’s a significant discount for yearly payments.
You’ll be directed to page where you enter card details.

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Once you’ve given your details and completed, you will immediately access Twitter Blue features. Verification badge will arrive later on, once Twitter proves your account is legitimate.
You should receive an email from Twitter on the same.

The main thing that everyone paying for Twitter Blue is going for is the verified badge. There’s no limitation to how many followers you have, provided Twitter believes your account is worth verification. However, there are other benefits Twitter will be selling to you for that monthly or annual charge:

You will be able to send longer tweets, undo tweets before sending them, edit tweets within a 30-minute window. You will get custom app icons, bookmark folders, and NFT profile pictures. You will also get custom navigation options, different themes, and a dedicated spaces tab that’s different from the current one

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