Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

How To Participate In This 8 Weeks Intensive Training Programme For Web 3 And Blockchain.

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Nestcoin, the Nigeria cryptocurrency investment company has partnered with Zuri Team; a global tech training and job placement agency to create Block Games, an 8-week intensive program focused on training developers on how to solve problems using blockchain technology.

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Yele Badamosi the CEO Nestcoin, which recently had a successful seed fund raise, said that;

“In the transition from “read-only” web1 to “read&write” web2, developers played a crucial role. As we build the future of web3, we believe it’s important to play our part by empowering developers with the skills needed to build a permission-less & decentralized future.”

There is growing need for builders/ developers in the tech industry at the moment to shape the expanding tech industry. Mr Badamosi, said that the programme will be run in two faces and it’s open to ;

1. Web2.0 builders looking to transition,

2. Tech enthusiasts who have basic blockchain knowledge

3. Beginners looking to start a career in tech.

Those who are interested should follow the tweeter link above for more information or copy the link and follow @blockgamesgg on Twitter to stay up to date with all our latest information.

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