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Having supported the feature for two years, the platform has reportedly removed the feature for paid subscribers.

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The soon-to-be “All in One” social media platform has reportedly ended its support for NFT Profile Photos.

This feature was launched by the platform`s previous management in early 2022 for premium subscribers. As a premium subscriber, you could put NFTs minted on Ethereum as profile pictures.

These NFT PFPs had hexagonal borders and any user could click or tap on the profile picture to get more information about the token, including details such as the contact address, a collection of the NFT, the TokenID, and the app used to mint it.

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Currently, all descriptions on the NFT profile pictures have silently been removed from X’s support page. Although those with an NFT profile picture still have hexagonal avatars, It remains unclear whether or not those will be removed too.

X’s decision to eliminate this feature falls in line with a larger pattern observed across social networks, where several platforms are increasingly scaling down their involvement with NFT-related functionalities. 

Notably, Instagram and Facebook ventured into displaying and sharing NFTs in 2022, but Meta opted to discontinue NFT support in March 2023.

NFT Prices and trading volumes had declined due to the market condition in 2022 and 2023. 

The absence of utility for most NFTs has also contributed to the decline in NFT trading volumes. 

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