Xend Introduces Xend Finance to Bring Higher Yields to Nigerian Savers.

Xend Introduces Xend Finance to Bring Higher Yields to Nigerian Savers.
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    Xend Finance will bring higher yields to Nigerian savers revolutionizing traditional savings system.

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    Binance Lab backed Nigerian startup Xend, has developed Xend Finance built on Binance Smart Chain to offer decentralized finance (DeFi) based Credit Union, with the intent of giving a platform capable of yielding higher savings to Nigerians.

    Aronu Ugochukwu, Xend founder and CEO stated the flaws of a local or traditional credit union thereby showing the necessity of this new developed package at this time.

    In his words; “Traditional credit unions have a number of limiting drawbacks, including only 1% annual percentage yield returns and geographical limitations. A major problem faced by these credit unions or cooperatives is a constant devaluation of the currency, because most of the time, our economy is unstable”.

    However, they have come up with an ideal solution to tackle these problems through Xend Finance, a DeFi based service built on blockchain backed by Binance Labs, Google Launchpad, AU21 Capital, TRG Capital, Matic co-founder Sandeep Nailwal and others.

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    The Xend platform works exclusively by aiming for financial inclusion in the developing world, converting deposits into crypto and harvesting yields on the DeFi platforms (Binance Smart Chain).

    This poses a dare opportunity of allowing users through this platform to create their own credit unions and cooperatives.

    In addition, helping savers stake their local currency and earn multiplied interest in a stable currency, thus making provision for a higher and better saving yield. 

    Xend is a traditional fintech company and parent company of Xend Finance that has already built a network of 55,000 users 

    and has already received $1,000 from a local cooperative to help specifically five of its members.

    Built on the Binance Smart Chain, Xend Finance has slated its public launch and disclosed a strategic funding round of $1.5 million. 

    Crypto savings is no doubt far better than the traditional ways of savings from the banks. With the launch of Xend Finance, crypto savings will see a new light in Africa.

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