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Last updated on January 26th, 2021 at 07:04 am

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A #CryptoLife with a Ngerian student who makes money from ambassador jobs and trading.

Full Name: Edidiong Ekpobo.

Occupation: Student 

Welcome…… can you give a brief background of yourself

My name is Edidiong Ekpobo, a student of University of Uyo. I’m from Akwa Ibom State. 

How did you get into the crypto space?

I was introduced into the crypto space in 2018 by my elder brother. I started by doing airdrops, bounties, raised some capital from them to start trading.

So far… How have you been making gains in the space?

I make gains through ambassador jobs for some crypto companies but most especially through trading. 

So What was the Mind-blowing Job?

First job was as an Algorand ambassador, got about a thousand ALGOs as first payment for writing articles ($200 at that point)

Sold off, did a few things as well as increased trading capital. Then few months later ALGO pumped and if I had kept the 1000 = $700

Though it’s now back to around $0.2 per dollar I learned to always save some crypto. Have a diversified portfolio of long-term and medium-term coins apart from your trading capital.

What would you say is the best period for you in the crypto space?

Considering I got into the crypto space during the beginning of the bear market, 2020 has been the best for me. I can say I learnt a lot of things. Real thing like damn! I feel good now because it’s better now hanging around the crypto space.

Any RugPull scenario so far?

Yea, a few but we move… 

Sounds Like You Don’t Wanna Talk About it Lolz….

Emm not really, but I believe it’s a process.

Then Why Don’t You Mind Sharing?

I guess we keep it for another day. We muveeeee lolz

Would you be happy to start a career in the crypto space..? If Yes..would you mind sharing with us to motivate others..

Yea, looking to start learning computer programming and graphics design as they are the most sort after skills in the crypto space. Nevertheless trading skill is the number one as it gives you freedom. 

Why Computer Programming and Graphics Design?

Emm I believe they are the best now that can get me a footstool in the crypto space. The crypto space is a tech field so… that’s gonna be a good catch.

Definitely It is Buddy..

Yes….man lolz

Any regrets so far…?

Only regret is not getting in on cryptocurrencies earlier. 

Damn But I believe We Still Have a Long Way to Go..

Yes sure, there is always a time so I’m gonna catch up and move faster this time.

What would you mind advising others coming into the space as part of your experience?

Buy bitcoin, learn then explore other means to earn. In all consistency and persistency is the key, crypto is not a get rich quick scheme but you will surely make money if you stay long enough.

So Now You Can Say that You are Consistent?

Lolz, sure yeah I am doing my best. You know it all starts one day okay…. 

Yeah Sure…

Thanks for the Session I’m Grateful

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