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Aminu Popularly Known as Elpriist on #CryptoLife, “I Couldn’t Buy ETH When It was $100”

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Aminu on #CryptoLife highlights how he missed buying Ethereum (ETH) when it was $100.

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Full Name: Musa Aminu Bio

Occupation: Product designer and Crypto Trader

Welcome Aminu, can you give a brief background of yourself?

I’m popularly called Elpriist. I’m a product designer (UI/UX), a crypto trader and content creator. I have been in the crypto space for at least 4years now. I’m a curious reader, lots of people describe me as open-minded, friendly, calm, selfless, and I’m a fast learner.


How did you get into the crypto space?

Well I’m a very curious person coupled with my obsession for money 😂, so I have been looking for ways to make money through the internet for as far back as possible. I knew about Bitcoin around 2013 or thereabouts, I used to view ads and get paid in Bitcoin then. I can remember claiming some sats from faucets too. I lost track of everything because I had issues securing a good phone and better internet. Then around 2015/16 I met an old friend who was into OTC, he introduced me to airdrops😂 the rest na history 

Lolz…. interesting beginnings, you are actually among early adopters.

If not me, who else 😂

Okay….So far… How have you been making gains in the space? 

Lol, well let me say If I’m not making gains I won’t be around for this long. I came into the space to make money then the tech became interesting so I stayed for both. Two birds one stone my aim is amazing.

That’s really interesting damn lolz

Yeah of course it was. I’m good at that 😂

What would you say is the best period for you in the crypto space?

2020 actually 😂, it’s funny but that’s a fact.

Many people say this a lot. I guess it was the thunder year for most old guys..

Sure of course it is.

Any RugPull scenario so far?

Hmm none per say, but I’ve had investment that went sideways but not actually a rug pull scenario.

Seems you are avoiding to say something about that?

Not really.. I’m just trying to be professional 😂

Would you be happy to start a career in the crypto space..? If Yes..would you mind sharing with us to motivate others..

My career already revolves around this space, I’m passionate about it. I have been around for at least 5 years now and I’ve worked for several projects, Binance is a notable mention. 

There is too much money to make from this space so for me it’s crypto first before anything else. So anybody can actually start a career here and make it. We have blockchain devs, technical analysts, content creators, product designers and many more making a whole lot of money from this space on a daily or monthly basis. 

Any regrets so far…? 

I couldn’t buy $ETH when it was below $100

Seriously…. Sorry buddy. Maybe you can keep an eye on a better one.

Sure yes… BNB definitely lolz.

What would you mind advising others coming into the space as part of your experience?

Well here is my two cents- The best and easiest way to get cryptos is to work for it. Get a skill, perfect it then work for projects and get paid. This Space gives lots of avenues to learn so don’t hesitate to do so. As a newbie avoid trading, investing is>>>>>>trading. Alway do your own research and lastly know thyself💪🏾

Thank you very much Elprist…

You are welcome buddy

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