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Bitcoin, NFT As A Token Of Love This Valentine.

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It’s Valentine’s Day. Crypto ecosystem has witnessed massive growth and mainstream adoption in recent times. News on cryptocurrency have made healines and trends. The acquisition of certain amount cryptocurrency is seen a bourgeois thing.

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In Nigeria, interest are awaken when someone in a conversation shows astute knowledge about crypto. Ladies now seems to prefer men who are Crypto traders. There is high belief that Crypto traders are rich. New Studies by A new study from brokerage firm eToro found that 33% of Americans who were surveyed would be more likely to go on a date with someone who mentioned crypto assets in their online dating profile. Out of the 2,000 adult residents in the United States between the ages of 18 and 99 surveyed, more than 40% of men and 25% of women indicated that their interest in a potential date is stronger when crypto is written on a dating profile.

Callie Cox, U.S. investment analyst at eToro, told Cointelegraph that the findings from eToro’s inaugural “Crypto & Culture” survey demonstrate the crossover between money, culture and identity. “We talked a lot about identity in the survey and how this has a strong place in the crypto community. The genesis of this campaign was to better understand how people think of big life projects and finding that perfect partner,” said Cox.

With this in mind, Cox explained that one of the most notable findings in the report was that 33% of respondents would be open to dating someone who mentioned crypto in their profile. “This shows there is a connection between money, love and identity when people look for a partner on a dating app,” she remarked. Cox added that it was also interesting to see that nearly 74% of survey respondents noted they would likely go on a second date with a person who paid the first date’s bill in Bitcoin (BTC). “We also wanted to test the environment to see how people felt about using crypto as a currency. We were surprised to see this percentage so high, which also speaks to identity.”

The Gift Of Crypto.

In sociocultural conversations among Nigerians on social media platforms, many ladies has shown desire to receive cryptocurrencies and NFt as form of a gift, way before the thought of giving out crypto as a valentine gift becomes a thing.

 eToro’s study also found that 8% of respondents would be interested in receiving a nonfungible token (NFT) as a Valentine’s Day gift this year. According to Cox, this statistic wasn’t much of a surprise given the rise of the NFT market. Yet, Cox noted that this finding was interesting since it demonstrates that Millennials and Gen Z’s value identity-themed products. “The younger generation wants to own something in real life or in the Metaverse and that shows who they are — NFTs represent this.”

As a result, a number of identity-themed Valentine’s Day NFTs are being offered this year. For example, jewelry designer MYKA has created a limited edition NFT collection consisting of digital drawings on three of their best selling jewelry pieces.

In addition to NFT Valentine’s Day gifts, eToro’s study found that nearly 20% of singles would be more interested in dating someone if they used an NFT as a profile picture on a social platform or dating site. “So, if your gift of an NFT doesn’t pan out, you can always use it to find a new date for March,” joked Cox.

Like In Tinder Swindler, Do not Be A Victim of Romance Scams.

Tinder Swindler’ the latest Netflix film on Love Scam is every Lovers nightmare in a say-it-the-way-it-is documentary. It doesn’t forbid online , just kick the scammers of the ecosystem.

Scammers use romance as a hook to lure people into bogus investments, especially crypto, the federal agency explained. “2021 numbers are nearly five times those reported in 2020, and more than 25 times those reported in 2019,” said the FTC.

“New data from the Federal Trade Commission show that more consumers than ever report falling prey to romance scammers. Consumers reported losing $547 million in 2021 alone,” the FTC wrote, adding:

“A growing trend in 2021 was scammers using romance as a hook to lure people into bogus investments, especially cryptocurrency.”

“Consumers who paid romance scammers with cryptocurrency reported losing $139 million in total in 2021, more than any other payment amount,” the federal agency detailed. “2021 numbers are nearly five times those reported in 2020, and more than 25 times those reported in 2019.”

Celebrate This Season Of Love and give that special someone a token of NFT or Cryptocurrencies, but “shine your eyes”. Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone.

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