An Exclusive Interview [Q&A] with Founder & CEO, Dan Holdings of Blockfinex, Telechat and CoinsApp, Danny Oyekan.

An Exclusive Interview [Q&A] with Founder & CEO, Dan Holdings of Blockfinex, Telechat and CoinsApp, Danny Oyekan.
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    Last updated on March 30th, 2020 at 01:11 pm

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    Danny Oyekan is a Nigerian digital currency entrepreneur and founded the Dubai based blockchain company Dan Holdings.

    He is also a founder of Dan Ventures. Oyekan has over 7 years experience in IT infrastructure. He was once involved in other technology startups like Fuel Delivery and Food Delivery startups in 2016. 

    In this Q&A, Oyekan provides clarity about Dan Holdings, his background and experience in the crypto industry within Africa and shares his views on cryptocurrency adoption in Africa.

    Q: Who is Danny Oyeka could you give us a little insight into your background?

    A: I grew up in Lagos Nigeria into an American-Nigerian family and started my blockchain journey in 2012. It was the Bitcoin Industry back then and I had been an early believer. Over the years this developed into Dan Holdings and Ventures.

    Q: How long have you been in crypto/blockchain/development and what are your interests in this regard?

    A: I’ve been in the space for about 8 years. I started working on Dan Holdings in 2016 and started fully in February 2018 with Dan Ventures.

    Q: How was the Dan Holdings conceived, when did you start thinking about the concept, how did you decide on the name, how did you start, could you tell us more?

    A: So My Initial interest were into other areas of Technology. I had been working on a Fuel Delivery start up and a Food Delivery start up in 2016. By 2017, The Crypto Market picked up and I started to have a rethink into my direction and by 2018 when the crypto market started its correction. I decided to start investing in other start ups and companies. Gradually around 2018 I then pivoted to put my interests under one umbrella. That was how Dan Holdings came about. In Terms of the name. Dan Holdings Existed as (The Danny Oyekan Group) at the start and I decided a rebrand would be suitable in early 2019.

    Q: What are all the services within the Dan Holdings brand & could you give us any insight into future plans or services?

    A: Currently the products and services within the Dan Ecosystem are Telechat a privacy-focused instant cross-platform messaging and voiceover IP service. Users can send text and voice messages, make voice and video calls as well as share images, stickers, audio files, documents, user location and other media. Perhaps most importantly, Telechat includes our Digital Wallet product (Coins App) where users can send money as simple as clicking a photo to anyone around the world. Currently the product is in beta and we are adding more locations gradually. 

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    Coins App is a digital wallet for cryptocurrencies. The native cryptocurrencies will be backed by real world assets like the Dollar, Naira and Gold. This will ensure value can be transferred seamlessly. This will also aid in remittances across borders around the world. Coins App will allow users to send and receive, request exchange rates, deposit fiat into crypto and withdraw crypto for fiat and top-up phone bills with crypto.

    Naira,Gold and Dollar Stable Coins

    This are fiat and commodity backed stable coins we are currently working on to drive mass user adoption for cryptocurrencies in both P2P Payments and cross-border remittances.

    Blockfinex a global cryptocurrency exchange for both Crypto to Crypto and Fiat to Crypto Trading  which will allow users to trade more than 100 cryptocurrencies and will offer spot trading, peer to peer exchange, instant exchange and more to come in the future. Blockfinex will also give users the ability to trade a lot of stable coins from different countries. The platform places emphasis on security, ease of use and offering a variety of products,

    In the future we are also working on a Decentralized Social Network which will be announced sometime this year.

    Q: So currently, there is only Telechat on beta what about the development stage of Blockfinex and Coins App?

    A: Blockfinex is Launching our first Fiat to crypto exchange with a direct bank integration at the start of April. subsequently we would launch the global exchange with an ultra fast matching engine in May.

    Coins App is also due to be in beta in April 2020 and subsequently we would roll out an update on Telechat with the Coins App features within the app.

    Q: Okay sounds good. What do you have to say about getting into Nigeria market with the various blockchain and cryptocurrency based services from Dan Holdings?

    A: The Blockchain Industry is developing in the market and more startups are coming out by the day. We hope to drive mass user adoption of the technology in Nigeria and also across Africa.

    Q: Do you have any words of encouragement for other developers looking into cryptocurrency and blockchain in Nigeria?

    A: For developers in the space, my thoughts will be to focus on the demand, build sustainable products. Collaborate with others to driver and usher in mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Nigeria and on the continent.

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