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[WATCH VIDEO] Beginner to Pro Trading Video Tutorials By Stephen Voski

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Last updated on January 20th, 2021 at 11:47 pm

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Beginner to Pro Trading Video Tutorials by Stephen Voski

The Video guides is beginner friendly and have categories ranging from what blockchain is, to trading skills using FA — Fundamental Analysis and TA — Technical Analysis down to DeFi. 

Bonus videos on ways you can earn in the crypto ecosystem without actually Trading.

This guide is published by Steve Voski, a popular crypto trader and entrepreneur. “Believe me, its a great value for the money, I touched every details you need to know to get started with, as a matter of fact if you get this course and finish it, I assure you in a few months you should be able to start making analysis and gain a ground for yourself in this ecosytem, if you put in the work.”

The package goes for $99.9 but it’s currently on a discount of minus $19.99 from now until December 1st. So you’re paying $79.99 for the next 7days.

Here’s the link to check it out

For How Long Can I Have Access

It is one in a lifetime offer you can ever get anywhere, don’t miss this for anything. This course is evaluated at close $499, so January 1st 2021 price will skyrocket 200% and so it will keep increasing.

There are many other benefits attached to it when you eventually buy the course. There is a support group for constant updates, follow ups and signals for sure. #OG don’t miss this! 

Good thing is you get a commission for referring anyone directly to buy the course, you get 20% bonus for referring, that’s $19.99 free, equivalent to 10k Naira.

What is the Course Content:

  • Basics of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
  • DeFi Trading
  • Learn Technical Analysis and Application
  • Learn Fundamental Analysis and Application
  • Learn Scalp Trading

And many other topics with live streaming

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