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Binance Africa Influencer Award for the most influential cryptocurrency personal in Africa just took off today with Nigerians topping the board after series of nomination within the space.

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The Binance Influencer Awards comes after the nomination stage, allowing anybody within the cryptocurrency space in Africa to nominate anybody he wishes to be awarded the most influential in Africa.

The award is mostly geared towards cryptocurrency traders and tutors who have drawn a lot of community members to themselves due to their paid crypto trading tutorial sessions with real succesful results to show for their prowess. 

Gaius Chibueze, (aka Bitcoin Chief) is a popular cryptocurrency trader with over 100,000 followers on Instagram. 

Gaius Chibueze is also the CEO and CMO of ABiT Network Mobile Applications, the pioneer company behind Tatcoin, African’s largest utility token.

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Chris Ani on the other hand is also a popular tutor in the cryptocurrency space, who started with Cryptohub, teaching cryptocurrency tutorial and trading. 

He later launched DABA School, a popular skills acquisition academy for teaching varieties of high earning skills. He has reached over 1000 paying students and is widely known in Nigeria and Africa. 

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The odds behind Chris Ani winning the Africa Influencer Award is still under probability, same goes with Gaius Chibueze as both of them appears to be on the top list with highest votes following each other. 

Do you think Gaius Chibueze will win because of his recent acccolades been the first blockchain startup in Africa to single-handedly crowdfund over N200,000 million~$720,000 at the just concluded Tatcoin Presale without VC Fund Support.

ABiT Network has over 19,000 telegram members with over 8000 active members. While DABA school has over 7000 active telegram channel subscribers.

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While both influencers run closely for the Award, there is still uncertainty as to whether Bitcoin Chief has a better odds now or will Chris Ani take the title home.

What Happens if Gaius Chibueze or Chris Ani Wins?

If Chris Ani wins, he will be the most influential African in the cryptocurrency space in the whole of Africa but then while the record has been set, do you he is  worth it?

On the other hand, if Gaius Chibueze wins, with a whole legion of his fan base popularly known as Tatas, what effects will it trigger? but then while the record has been set, Do you think he is worth it?

While Chris Ani is already everywhere on twitter with his fan base gearing for him to win the award, the fan base of Gaius Chibueze, popularly known as Tatas are already on twitter taking over the tweet for him too. 

Well, we still have 24hours+ to finish up with the voting. What do you think will happen? who do you think will win? Let’s see who wins after the voting session. And what effect it will have in the crypto space.

Some will be wondering if the contestants appear to be interested. But we don’t know yet.

Meanwhile Gaius Chibueze (aka Bitcoin Chief) appears to be more influential earlier before now. Bit with the vote, let’s see what happens.

Looking to share your thoughts, follow up on the comment section. 

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