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Bitcoin Machines worth RM42,500 at Seremban disappears.

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Bitcoin Machines worth RM42,500 at Seremban disappears. 

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Sun daily reports the missing of 85 Bitcoin machines on Oct 29, 2019. Subsequently, police conducted raids and arrested suspects, aged between 25 and 46 years.

The Malaysian police arrested four men and a woman believed to be involved in stealing 85 bitcoin machines. 

All the suspects, including two Indonesians, were nabbed in separate raids around Seremban and Nilai between midnight to 4.30am.

Said Seremban police chief Supt Mohd Said Ibrahim 

Police also seized a car, a four-wheel-drive vehicle and several pieces of equipment to drill into concrete. Some of the suspects according to Mohd works as traders and construction workers. 

Preliminary investigations shows that the suspects rented a flat next to the warehouse for a day before the crime. Records also shows that they had no previous criminal records.


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