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Cheetah Africa Launching With Fintech And Blockchain Conference.

By Tony Chimdiuto Jul31,2018
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Cheetah Africa is a non-profit organisation registered in Nigeria. With the Executive Director as Nathaniel Luz. The platform is for the Venture Capitalists and Investors to access the best of African ideas and innovations. Cheetah Africa is a platform for emerging startups with innovative and realistic ideas and projects. Specifically in the Fintech and Blockchain Industry. This is primarily to help them get exposed to the industry. It is currently operating in West, Central and Eastern Africa.

Cheetah Africa Team includes:

The Executive Director Nathaniel Luz.

The Co-founder Lucy Uwakwe who is also the Co-Founder of Blockchain Solutions LTD.


The aim of Cheetah Africa is to support start-ups and Infant Blockchain Industries to grow. They aim to give them the needed supports both Financially and Otherwise. Financially Cheetah Africa will help start-ups with sourcing the funds and strategically help them to push up and above the needed standards in the Blockchain Market. To help start-ups eligible for competition and to give a sound support to mind-blowing ideas from Africa. For the growth of Africa.

In view of this the Executive Director Nathaniel Luz said

Cheetah Africa is set to end the brain drain Africa has suffered for decades by providing support structures that would enable African projects scale and that in five years’ time, they would have hubs in every African country.


Cheetah Africa is set to launch on 3rd August, 2018 at 8:00am. The launch comes with a Fintech and Blockchain Conference at BWC Hotels 1228B Ahmadu Bella Way ,Victoria Island Lagos in Nigeria. The Conference will be featuring the following Key-Note Speakers:

Nathaniel Luz: Executive Director Cheetah Africa.

The Co-founder Cheetah Africa Lucy Uwakwe who is also the Co-Founder of Blockchain Solutions LTD.

Gbenga Sesan Executive Director: Paradigm Initiative.

Chimezie Chuta: Regional Director for Africa, Paxful.

Stephen Oyedemi: Co-Founder of OminiraTV

Sowemimo Abiodun Alex: CEO Cvmetric Network Company.

Anthony Lopez: CEO of Evangelist Capital.

And many other speakers. There is already more than 500 registered attendeees. With more than 12 confirmed speakers at the event. The event starts with a Panel Session followed by Networking, then Exhibitions and Investments. The main discussion at the meeting will entail talks about unleashing the potential of Africa, and also getting and educating people about the potentials of blockchain technology and the role of Fintech companies. At the event, there will also be funding for starts-ups.

Diutocoinnews was able to contact the Executive Director of Cheetah Africa on phone.

He made clear of the aim of the Platform to be the number one Pool for Africa start-ups in Africa. They aren’t tied to been part of the start-ups investing with them. But rather they aim at being the Savior to start-ups so as to enable sound ideas grow towards the growth of Africa. He said.

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One thought on “Cheetah Africa Launching With Fintech And Blockchain Conference.”
  1. I’m happy to hear that there are groups interested in eliminating the brain drain Africans suffer and we urge them to continue in their good works.
    More Grace to Nathaniel luiz and the entire Cheetah Africa team.

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