Ten Crypto Based Skills You Can Learn Before School Resumes and Get Paid.

Ten Crypto Based Skills You Can Learn Before School Resumes and Get Paid.
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    Last updated on October 5th, 2020 at 05:34 am

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    Crypto based skills are new skills that requires you to know about things that are related to cryptocurrency. These crypto skills can fetch you some pocket money even before and after school resumes.

    The Federal Government has announced that schools will be re-opening on October 12 for all Unity schools and other institutions. 

    Though at present, the Academic Staff Union of Universities have strengthened their stance on no resumption of the universities until they are fully paid the debts owed by the Federal Government.

    As a student, you can get yourself busy by learning different crypto based skills that can get you some income even before or after the school resumes. 

    Here is the Full List of Top Ten Crypto Based Skills to learn and Get Paid:

    Cryptocurrency Tutors: Many newbies enter into the cryptocurrency space in Nigeria. It is an opportunity for students to teach fellow students about cryptocurrency. 

    Many students have come to know about cryptocurrency through the monthly Binance Campus Webinar that was going on online during lockdown. 

    It is now time for you to pass this knowledge across to fellow students. You can charge a little few for personal sessions and generate income/pocket money for yourself as a student. Your parents/sponsor will be proud of you.

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    Cryptocurrency Traders: The Binance Campus Webinars have created an avenue for students to learn a lot about cryptocurrency trading. Many students have come a long to personally learn on their own on how to;

    • Read Trading Charts
    • Trade with the swings
    • Trade the Crypto Futures Market etc

    You can leverage on your knowledge and help people learn more for a minimal fee for personal sessions.

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    Cryptocurrency Merchant/Vendors: Many cryptocurrency masterclasses were held across various platforms including on DiutoCoinNews groups. Many students got to learn the basic requirements for starting their Bitcoin business in Nigeria using the Binance P2P.

    We also listed the facts you must know before venturing into the business of buying and selling of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies including the tools that you need.

    Leverage this opportunity and help people to buy bitcoin for a fee. Thanks to Kuda Bank that’s available now on Binance P2P.

    Social Media Influencer: As an influencer in your school, you can leverage your influence and promote Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology around your schools. 

    Companies and other bodies looking for adverts can pay you to gain publicity. It might be a WhatsApp TV or Twitter handle, Instagram Page etc. You can as well verify as a Brave Publisher and get tipped for good contents.

    Crypto/Technical Writer: I know you might be a talented writer on short stories, news stories, poems etc. You may like to look into cryptocurrency or technology write-ups. 

    You can leverage your skills and write for crypto media platforms like DiutoCoinNews or any other crypto/blockchain companies looking for writers.

    Moreover, you can leverage your skills and write on Voice App and get tipped with Voice Token. You can also enrol into the Brave Publishers program and get paid for contents that you put out on your Twitter Handles or through your YouTube channels.

    Mobile App and DApp Testers: These days many crypto companies look out for persons that will test their DApp applications or mobile apps. 

    As a regular crypto user, you can volunteer to participate in testing a mobile app or Decentralized Applications (DApp) for a reward in cryptocurrency.

    Affiliate Marketing: You can specialize in marketing company products. This may include Binance.com where you will earn referral reward for an active user whom you successfully refer to use Binance.

    You are already a regular user, you can start enlightening people and earn by engaging in affiliate marketing. You will end up earning nice sums each month from your referral.

    Customer Service: Companies always look out for individuals who can help them in taking care of customers’ complaints. 

    Leveraging your skill and knowledge as an old user, you can help these companies in managing customers’ complaints and you will get rewards for your efforts. 

    Community Managers: Different platforms look out for zealous and skilled individuals like you who will manage their various communities to the grassroot level.

    Difference companies can reward you with some sums for helping them manage their various communities like the student community across the globe.

    Earning as a student with your crypto based skills can help you further towards a better tomorrow for yourself as a student.

    There are many other possible crypto based skills you can easily learn and earn rewards as a student and also when you graduate as a student from Nigeria.

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