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Cryptocurrency Vloggers on YouTube is Moving to LBRY Following a Ban on Cryptocurrency Tutorial Videos By YouTube.

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Last updated on January 10th, 2020 at 11:46 pm

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On Dec 23, thousands of cryptocurrency Vloggers from YouTube, a video streaming platform received an email notifying them of video ban. 

Some cryptocurrency vloggers using YouTube to vlog had their cryptocurrency tutorial videos banned earlier this month. A popular cryptocurrency Vlogger, Colin Talks Crypto said that he has joined LBRY and will be uploading all his contents there. 

Since June, YouTube has been deleting violative content on YouTube. Moreso, it has been highlighting authoritative content and decreasing the exposure of borderline content.  

The platform has been erasing contents that they think violates these aforementioned policies. It’s unfortunate that cryptocurrency and blockchain falls under the categories of unwanted contents. 

Since the vlog platform made changes to its content policies in June of this year. The video uploading platform for Vloggers to earn has removed over 100,000 videos and 17,000 channels. Most of the videos are cryptocurrency tutorial videos.

The ban has made most cryptocurrency vloggers on YouTube to join LBRY, a decentralized streaming platform for cryptocurrency Vloggers. Some other cryptocurrency vloggers are joining Dtube owned by Steemit for uploading and streaming videos. 

LBRY can automatically synchronize with YouTube and serve all uploaded videos on it’s platform. LBRY uses blockchain technology to allow peer to peer sharing, downloading and storing of videos for video content creators (vloggers). 

Unlike LBRY, DTube is owned by Steemit and built under Steem blockchain. DTube is a decentralized video publishing and streaming platform. It allows users to earn steem token when they publish videos on its platform.

DTube has no central servers. All videos are uploaded on the steem blockchain for cryptocurrency vloggers. It is almost impossible to tamper with published videos on the blockchain.

The rise for decentralized platforms is increasing. Google Chrome recently introduced privacy browsing which shows that the demand for it’s use and adoption is increasing. 

Brave Browser is a top privacy browser allowing users to reward publishers with Cryptocurrency for their content. Moreso, it allows users to remove ads and earn from viewing ads they want to view. 

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