Tue. May 21st, 2024

CZ Binance Explains How He Recovered 46 Bitcoins Sent To Wrong Address.

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Binance CEO has revealed on Twitter in a reply to a post about crypto transfer experiences on how he wrongly transferred 46 BTC in 2014 at total worth of $40k, and recovered the 46 Bitcoins in 2015 when it’s total worth was $,9000.

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CZ Binance explained;

“True story: in 2014, I sent 46 BTC ($40k then, a lot for me) to a wrong address, a deposit address on an exchange for a different coin that uses the same address format as BTC. Of course, no one has the private keys for that address on the BTC blockchain.

I mentally wrote it off. A year later, on a random day, I realized if the address format is the same, the same private key for that coin should work in a bitcoin wallet. I wrote to the exchange (not MtGOX) with all the details. A week of silence later, I got 46 BTC back.”

46 BTC was about $9,000 when I got it back in 2015, but felt like I won a million bucks. Coincidentally, today… hahaha,” he tweeted.

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