Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

How Technology is Driving Change in Almost All Industries

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The only constant with technology is change. Technological disruption will not stop as long as tech evolution continues in every industry. Although it may seem negative at first, tech disruption can positively transform most industries.

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However, companies must embrace technological development instead of neglecting it, such as many others did in the past. Today, we’ll show you some ways that technology is driving change in almost every industry. 

Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing itself is a disruptive technology. It was invented to change the way we perceive marketing. In the past, we used to go for traditional advertising such as television or magazines. 

However, with the Internet’s significant growth, we started to use our mobiles and computers, and marketers needed to change their platforms. Now, what’s the impact of technology in digital marketing? 

Artificial Intelligence is playing a massive role in digital marketing activities. Most people believe that automation reduces personalization, but it’s the opposite. When most redundant activities are automated, marketers can focus on others that drive more traffic, such as creating strategies. 

Today, digital marketers use AI to provide an immediate response to customers. Chatbots work with artificial intelligence, and they’re available all the time. 

On the other hand, thanks to machine learning and sentiment analysis, users now have more personalized experiences when doing online shopping. This system shows users items based on their preferences and habits. 

Financial Industry 

Technology has also driven change to the financial industry. When it comes to financial advisors and analysts, they usually spend a lot of time making calculations and predictions. Those tasks require a lot of effort and time, which makes their work a little tedious. However, with the help of machine learning programs, they can automate this process and provide more accurate results. 

Another technology has influenced the financial industry: biometric systems. This is a form of AI that allows users to access their banking account by using their traits such as their fingertips or their eyeballs. Not only does this make it easier for them to log in to their accounts or to use an ATM, but it also makes it safer. 


In a tech-driven world, it is no surprise to see that the healthcare industry would use technology to save lives. In fact, many tech companies are allocating their resources toward healthcare. Some of the applications of technology in healthcare involve VR practices, IoT-driven products, and machine learning-powered diagnosis. 

VR practices give doctors a preview of their upcoming surgeries. This way, they feel more prepared when dealing with real patients, and they perform better. This is something that increases patients’ quality of life. 

Although it may sound like sci-fi, today, we have something called “smart-pills.” These pills have a sensor that detects everything that’s happening inside our stomach, and it’s connected to the Internet. This way, doctors have a better view of knowing what’s happening in our bodies.


Every day the use of technology inside the classroom becomes more and more common. Students use their tablets and smartphones for their tasks and learn with interactive boards. However, they’re not the only ones dealing with technology. 

Imagine how long it takes teachers to evaluate students. All that time could be invested in other relevant tasks, such as finding innovative ways to teach their students valuable lessons. By using machine learning, teachers can evaluate their students in less time than they used to. This not only improves teachers’ quality of life, but it also creates a more optimized education system. 


No industry can avoid technological disruption. It is inevitable. Artificial intelligence, blockchain, or quantum computing will become tools to find innovative solutions to today’s problems. Therefore, we shouldn’t ignore tech trends and predictions. Instead, we should embrace them and find ways to implement them in our businesses. 

Written By Artur Meyster — Founder and CTO at Career Karma

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