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Joshua Nyaga On Why EOS Hackathon should be held in Africa .#eoshacksafrica

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Last updated on December 31st, 2019 at 07:01 am

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After the recent launch of the mainnet of EOS.IO. The buzz around the cryptocurrency community is to see how this re-branded Blockchain will burst out to be the best among it’s peers. The launch saw the formally EOS token to now become EOS cryptocurrency. After its launch an open source software publisher specializing in high performance Blockchain Technology has organised different EOS Hackathon for the community. The first EOS Hackathon which was held in Hong Kong saw three teams emerge out of the 66 teams present at the 24 hours session of the Hackathon. The first three teams that won had $100k, $25k and $10k prize each. The first team that won was the IDPASS team that developed a DApp for securing self-sovereignty identity, the second team developed a DApp that fights against DDOS attack while the third team had an exchange for EOS and ETH.

While the last EOS Hackathon was a huge success. The subsequent Hackathon was scheduled to be held in Sydney on 4th and 5th of August, 2018. And the third event to be held in London on 22nd and 23rd of September in London. The fourth event has the location yet to be disclosed to the public while the Grand Finale will be held on 8th of December, 2018.

In view of this, Joshua Nyaga the Community Event Organizer of EOSNairobi has took to his reddit account stating reasons while the fourth of this event should be held in Africa and more specifically in Nairobi, Kenya. He said that the spirit of the new Blockchain Technology lives here in Africa. That the occupants of the region are always eager to learn and support this era of Blockchain Technology. To benefit from it and also utilize it’s benefits and limitations. In view of this, he said

To bring the Hackathon to Africa, would be a vote for decentralization proving that the EOS community is not only geared towards first-world applications but has real world tangible solutions that can scale from the developing nations of Africa to the large scale economies of the West and East.

Talking on the availability of developers in Africa. He said that multitude of developers abound in this region. That this developers are in search of a platform to ply there trade on, of which EOS could be a good catch for them. He implores on all the international developers to come to Africa and experience first hand. The problems and it’s solutions that has scaled through in the region. Giving example with M-Pesa he said:

The M-pesa mobile money system has been a huge success in East Africa and can lend huge insights to the Blockchain world particularly in its adoption on a grassroots level to over 100% subscription in Kenya.

Joshua Nyaga wishes that this proposal be given a positive consideration towards a wider adoption of Blockchain Technology in Africa.

About Joshua Nyaga:

Joshua Nyaga is a Bachelor Of Arts graduate of United States International University. A former Clearing Officer at Sidian Bank. An entrepreneur and the proprietor of Kraken Fisheries and FunGuy Mushrooms. He is also currently the Community Events Organiser of EOSnairobi in Kenya.

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