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Many Ways You Can Make Money Online In Nigeria With the Cryptocurrency Bitcoin

By Tony Chimdiuto Dec9,2019
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Last updated on September 11th, 2020 at 10:35 pm

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Too many people in Nigeria are getting on the cryptocurrency investment, in a bid to make money online in Nigeria. According to the report released previously by CIBN, the search increase in cryptocurrency bitcoin increased by 40 percent in Nigeria. 

Why Invest In Bitcoin?

Why invest in Bitcoin in Nigeria? This question is synonymous with new people learning the basics of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Many people come into the space looking to learn how to trade and earn Bitcoin in Nigeria. 

But its clear that only a few knows what is Bitcoin and how to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria. Some top cryptocurrency exchanges in Nigeria offer these service of trading Bitcoin. Some exchanges like Luno and Remitano help newbies to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria and avoid getting involved in any crypto scam. Report Crypto Scam here with Siban Crypto Alert. 

Moreover, cryptocurrency investment is a new way to make money online in Nigeria. Too many new comers to the space who are looking to make money with Bitcoin can leverage the trading and investment aspects of cryptocurrency. 

Making money with AbiTrader Network

Cryptocurrency Investments in Nigeria to some is yet to reach its potential. Now let’s look at the popular crypto trading community in Nigeria. AbiTrader, owned by AbiT Network is a an app offering Nigerians the ability to learn how to trade Bitcoin and the basics of cryptocurrency safely. 

What Is AbiTrader

AbiTrader helps newbies in cryptocurrency to learn the crypto basics safely and start off with making money online. Interested users can subscribe to get free trading from the AbiTrader community trading experts. 

Moreso, the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency industry is yet to reach its full potential. Bitcoin is not the only option available for trading and investing in cryptocurrency. Anyone can also invest in the new Tatcoin by AbiT Network which is coming into the market anytime soon.

Enough reasons and avenue is available for users to learn cryptocurrency and earn from bitcoin AbitRep can also help new comers to earn from affiliate marketing and also help social media influencers to earn online. 


Furthermore, using the AbiT Discount Shopping app will also help you earn from working as shopping agents. These and more are avenues for you to learn and earn from online. AbiT Network yet to launch this products as it plans to start Tatcoin IEO in 2020 and launch fully.

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