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A New Report Shows that Getting Blockchain Tutorials For Blockchain Skills Can Earn You an Extra Paycheck as an IT Pro.

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Last updated on July 15th, 2020 at 01:36 pm

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Earning extra paycheck for tech professionals with non-certified skills has increased, nearing a 19-year high, adding an average of 9.4% to their salary. This is one of the benefits of going for blockchain tutorials. 

We have a few blockchain jobs in Nigeria with an increase in research for its use by companies. So, if you want to increase your paycheck, learning blockchain skills is the best option, according to a new report from Foote Partners.

The market value for IT jobs with blockchain skills increased by 6.3% in the six months through Oct 1, 2019. A big increase of 13.3% for the full year which is  “well above average,” according to the Foote Partners research.

The increase in market value of blockchain jobs is different from additional pay offered for blockchain skills. For example, the average premium pay for the jobs is actually 17% above average IT salary, explained Foote. 

So, if a tech employee is paid $100,000 a year. And he can offer the company blockchain development, machine learning or artificial intelligence skills. The employee would, on average, earn extra $17,000 income per year.

“So, companies are willing to pay a premium above salary – cash money – for Ethereum skills and a market basket of other blockchain skills,” Chief Analyst David Foote said.

In particular, non-certified skills related to creating smart contracts and administering the Ethereum business blockchain platform are in high demand according to Foote. 

In Nigeria, we had less demand for blockchain skills because only a few companies are using the tech. Coupled with high increase in demand for its use, which has led to frequent research by institutions. 

In the previous weeks, we had a demand for blockchain developer job from GTBank Ghana. Recently, 9mobile Nigeria is looking for a software engineer with the knowledge of go-ethereum/solidity for employment.

During the Zenith Tech Fair 2019, Jim Ovia named blockchain as one of the disruptive techs of the century. He also said that benefits of having blockchain skills is enormous as one can be called up for research or as an expert. 

Moreover, a developer looking to add to his IT skills or a tech novice looking to get employed can go for blockchain tutorials online. Developing on ethereum can increase your chances of getting a job in blockchain technology in Nigeria. 

If you are looking for how to get started, you can check for online blockchain tutorials for learning blockchain technology. We can also check any blockchain tutorials learning hubs like blockgeeks to get started. 

Moreso, many companies like Bitpesa Nigeria, Safaricom and 9mobile can offer you jobs in blockchain technology. Having this skills is an addon to your CV in getting yourself for jobs and opportunities in the IT sector.  

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