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Searching For a Job in Cryptocurrency ?

By Ekenedilichukwu Aug15,2021 #Bitcoin #jobs
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Last updated on April 14th, 2022 at 11:18 am

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Follow this Morgan Smith of CNBC tips to stand out.

If you’ve ever been curious about digital money, bitcoin billionaires or NFTs, now is the perfect time to apply for a cryptocurrency job. Interest in cryptocurrency has grown over the past year, and companies are actively recruiting candidates with varying skills and experience levels to meet the demand. 

There are thousands of open cryptocurrency roles across LinkedIn and Monster in engineering, marketing, accounting and other specialties. Fortune 500 companies like JPMorgan Chase, Amazon, Apple and PayPal are also hiring for cryptocurrency positions. 

So what does it take to land a job in cryptocurrency? Hiring managers at Gemini, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, and Solana Labs, a blockchain startup, about the three small steps all candidates can take to stand out during the hiring process.

Understand the fundamentals 

Blockchain, the technology that underpins cryptocurrency’s decentralized platforms, topped LinkedIn 2020 list of the most in-demand job skills — and for a good reason, Jonathan Tamblyn, director of talent acquisition for Gemini, tells CNBC Make It. 

“Given that the cryptocurrency market isn’t brand new like it was half a decade ago, we can start being a little more selective with the types of candidates we bring onto the team,” he says. “We’re starting to really hone in on people that have a decent track record at other crypto exchanges or other crypto-oriented financial networks.” 

If you don’t know where to start, Solana Labs Chief Operating Officer Raj Gokal recommends taking an online course to learn more about cryptocurrency. Platforms like Coursera, Binance and Coinbase offer free resources for people who want to better understand the cryptocurrency market. 

“Blockchain is kind of the great meritocratic equalizer,” he adds. “I’ve seen people from every educational background, including those who have no formal education beyond high school, rise to the highest levels in the industry because they know how the technology works and are willing to learn new things.”

Highlight your unique perspective 

Cryptocurrency recruiters aren’t just looking at the technical skills on your resume — they care about how your life experiences shaped you and your thinking as well, Tamblyn says. Industry leaders tout the digital asset as a disruptor of the traditional stock market, partially because it has made investing more accessible to under represented group like women and lower income workers. Recruiters want to reflect that spirit of diversity and accessibility in their hiring process by building a diverse talent pipeline. 

“One thing we’re always looking for in candidates is, ‘What kind of unique experience, diverse background or special skills can you bring to the company?'” he says. “It’s something we really value when it comes to hiring decisions and how we’re building our company.” 

Have a proactive attitude 

The top skill a candidate for any cryptocurrency job can demonstrate is a willingness to dive right into the work, Gokal says. “Engineers, for example, should already be ready to write code and build applications on day one,” he explains. “The same applies for non-engineering roles — people who have already started researching the customer base, how to improve the company’s products, going to meet-ups and participating in this growing community stand out in the hiring process.” 

Candidates can also show initiative by writing or posting on social media about the latest news and trends in cryptocurrency. Taking those small steps, Gokal says, tell companies you have a vested interest in cryptocurrency’s success and can help them capitalize on its gains. As Gokal notes, “those are the people that end up succeeding.”

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