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Snoop Dogg Unveils Self As Collector Of Valuable NFTs Under Pseudonymous Twitter Account

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American rapper Snoop Dogg has caught on to the fast-moving NFT train just like other celebrities of recent. After unveiling himself as the face behind a pseudonymous Twitter account with the handle @Cozomo de’ Medici and with various NFT collections valued at $17 million, the rapper is now being regarded as an NFT whale. 

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Snoop Dogg revealed that he has an array of expensive non-fungible tokens including the pricey Ethereum-based CryptoPunks. The rapper indicated that he has nine of the CryptoPunks NFTs amongst others such as 10 of Meebit NFTs, another collection created by Larva Labs, the team behind the CryptoPunks.

Back in April, the celebrity rapper had collaborated with the creator of Nyan Cat- a meme-based NFT that first surfaced in 2011- for the release of another meme-based 1-of-1 NFT named Nyan Dogg to commemorate 4/20, a day set aside to celebrate the smoking of cannabis. Snoop Dogg is reportedly fond of the act. The NFT was auctioned on popular NFT marketplace OpenSea for $33k, but this marked Snoop Dogg’s sojourn into the NFT space. He would go on to acquire other collections which brought his total NFT portfolio as Cozomo de’ Medici to over $17 million. 

Snoop Dogg’s reveal as being Cozomo de’ Medici is unexpected because the account was created last month. Under the pseudonymous Twitter account, the rapper had been showing off his sound knowledge of the space as well as revealing his various NFT acquisitions. 

In light of the revelation, Snoop Dogg joins several other celebrities like TV host Steve Harvey, social media celebrity Jake Paul and NBA star Steph Curry, all of whom have made huge NFT investments. Steph Curry recently acquired a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT. 

Apart from CryptoPunks and Meebits NFT, Snoop Dogg owns other NFTs, signifying his keen interest in the sector. However, the recent revelation will not deter the rapper from talking about NFTs as in the past, he revealed. But he has confirmed to the burgeoning NFT community that he is a whale and has other interests away from music. 

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