Interview Session With Stephen Voski a Fast Rising Tutor in the Nigerian Cryptocurrency Space.

Interview Session With Stephen Voski a Fast Rising Tutor in the Nigerian Cryptocurrency Space.
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    Last updated on July 15th, 2020 at 01:36 pm

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    An interview session with Stephen Chukwu, popularly known as Stephen Voski as a talks about the youth adoption of cryptocurrency in Nigeria.

    Stephen is a fast rising tutor in the Nigerian cryptocurrency space. A product of Cryptohub owned by Chris Ani, the popular crypto tutor in Nigeria.

    Q: Hello Steven, can you introduce yourself and your niche in the  blockchain industry in Nigeria?

    I’m Stephen Chukwu, well known in the space as Stephen Voski. I’m a student of Enugu State University of Science and Technology, been into Crypto related dealings since early 2017. 

    My current niche in the blockchain industry is vast actually. I’m an all rounder but I tend to focus more on community management and general trading at the moment. 

    Q: Would you mind sharing your background and how you were able to reach this level in crypto space in Nigeria?

    OK my background, I don’t really get the question but if I should try to understand you, you mean how I started right? 

    Well, it was far back late in 2016, I came across a post on bitcoin on my facebook timeline then I was into blogging and never really brought out time to research about it until early 2017 when I was to register for an mlm network (I can’t really remember the name but it’s not mmm.

    I never did mmm which uses bitcoin, so I bought Bitcoins from an otc trader who faithfully deliver in minutes amidst knowing him for the first time and I registered and reserved some in my wallet.

    Then after some time, my coins began to grow and increase in price, as a curious person, I had to ask why its like that, which lead to research and me knowing more about bitcoin.

    How I reached my level in the crypto space is all hard work, dedication and focus in the industry, ever since I discovered the usefulness of the blockchain tech, I never wanted to leave the industry, I wanted to stay and create a relevance for myself around the ecosystem, even existing things I do, I had to apply blockchain tech to them.

    Q: What limitations can you tell us is a hinderance to Nigerian youths profiting in the crypto space Nigeria?

    Well if there’s anything hindering Nigeria from profiting or adopting into the Crypto space its ignorance or lack of the curiosity to actually search for means to explore and make ends meet for themselves.

    Proper education I must say is in place to some extent, both free and paid materials resources are available on the internet but it takes one, the zeal to actually go search for those things out there. 

    Q: What is your view on the present cryptocurrency ecosystem in Nigeria and Africa and has there been any improvements from your view towards adoption. 

    Of course there has been significant growth over the past 4years since I’ve been here, more and more people are coming on board , to learn and make money for themselves. 

    In every aspect of the space, ranging from trading to blockchain jobs. The covid-19 lockdown this year has also helped a lot of folks to find out time for themselves to learn these things. 

    Q: What are your recommendations in regards to getting more youths interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain in Nigeria aside the usual strategy already in place.

    Recommendations on getting youths into cryptocurrencies, this should be a personal thing, you know you can take a horse to the river but you can’t force it to drink water. There’s no other strategy to getting users into Crypto space other than education. 

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    Q: What is the major limitation you believe is the hinderance to cryptocurrency adoption in Nigeria among students at the universities. 

    Still improper education and also the will to go beyond school syllabus, if you look at our youths, most of them spend their time researching on things that don’t actually matter in the 21st century world. 

    Things that aren’t applicable to real life at the moment. But then they have to pass their exams due to the already backward educational system in place in Nigeria but glory to God that a lot are beginning to open their eyes today.

    Q: What are your final words of encouragement to novice traders and enthusiast coming to the blockchain space in Nigeria and Africa.

    My final words for newbies is to learn, read, watch videos and understand this tech before putting money into it else you’ll gamble your money away for vanishing.

    Learning is a process, believe in the process and give it time, I usually tell my students to give it a year infact, first learn and persevere, then earn.. Thank you

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