The Top Five Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Where You Can Buy Bitcoin With Nigeria Naira.

The Top Five Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Where You Can Buy Bitcoin With Nigeria Naira.
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    Last updated on October 13th, 2022 at 08:38 am

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    The Top Five Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Where You Can Buy Bitcoin With Nigera Naira.

    Research shows that the top five cryptocurrency exchanges trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Nigeria are not indigenous exchange. These exchanges offer Naira to Bitcoin Trading pair for users.


    • has the highest trading volume for bitcoin to naira pair in Africa. Localbitcoin is a P2P Escrow Platform. Localbitcoin charges one percent for all completed trade. You Can Register Now. The merchant invoicing services has a fee charge of of 0.5 percent which is deducted from the paid invoice amount of each invoice.
    • goes under the second list in Nigeria. Nigerians can also buy cryptocurrency on Paxful with their debit card, bank transfer etc. Paxful is a P2P Escrow Platform. Paxful charges a withdrawal fee of 0.0005 BTC. You Can Register Now. Paxful fee charge for all trades includes ; Bank Transfers: 0.1% , Credit/Debit Cards 1% , Digital Currencies 1% , Online Transfer 1% , Cash Deposits 1% , Gift Cards: 5% iTunes and Google Play. 2% for every other gift card. 
    • Remitano goes thiird on the List. Nigerians can buy bitcoin with naira on remitano with bank transfer etc. Remitano is a P2P Escrow Platform. Remitano charges  BTC 0.0002 for deposits and withdrawals. You Can Register Now. Remitano also charge one percent fee on all completed trades. All trades with naira to bitcoin goes for one percent fee charge on completed
    • LUNO is fourth on the list. LUNO offers buying bitcoin straight from bank account deposits and bank transfer for withdrawals. LUNO is a cryptocurrency exchange not an escrow platform.  Luno charges a maximum of 1.58 percent for Naira deposits and 200 Naira for Naira withdrawals. LUNO charges a taker fee of one percent for all trades below 40,000,000 million Naira.
    • Binance is the first on the list. Binance is the cheapest and world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange. Binance is not an Escrow P2P platform. You Can Register Now. Binance charges 1.4 percent deposit fee for naira and 150 Naira for withdrawals. Maker and Taker fees are 0.1 percent each for a normal users.

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