Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

WakandaInu Completes First Charity, Crypto For Good Project In Nigeria.

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Wakandainu, African Meme coins have executed one if it’s projects for good in a charity round maintaining its stance on crypto regenerative finance model of the by establishing solar powered borehole for indigent community in Kwara, Nigeria.

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The token is classified as a meme coin made to create wealth for Africans.

Meme coins are crypto tokens inspired by social media trends, jokes, or movies. However, Wakanda Inu’s wealth creation can be seen to be geared towards charitable intentions, a cause epitomized by its latest social welfare project in Nigeria.

In April 2022, the Wakanda Inu team commissioned a water project in Kwara State of Nigeria, which goes to addressing the problem of unsafe water and sanitation across the continent.

According to the crypto meme project, women and children in various locations across the continent are most at risk from the problem. This is endorsed by a United Nations Children’s Fund report which found that 90% of the over 100,000 children under five who die of water-borne diseases annually in Nigeria die from unsafe water and sanitation.

The villagers in the community were found to spend hours walking more than 4 kilometres to drink out of a dirty stream and fetch water for their household. If that was not enough, the water was contaminated and barely sufficient for the community, part of a slew of many challenges.

By drilling a borehole where solar-power can be used to draw water, the team at Wakanda Inu are not only helping to provide water, but are also making it easy to fetch water.

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