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Last updated on July 15th, 2020 at 11:45 am

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Blockchain School is now open in Rwanda.

Africa Blockchain Institute (ABI) has announced that it will open a new branch of its Blockchain school for blockchain tutorials in Rwanda by 2020. 

This will be the first blockchain school to operate in Rwanda. ABI’s school is currently open in Ghana. The school focuses on blockchain tutorials and will be offering five courses in the school. 

The five courses includes: blockchain essentials certification course, blockchain developers’ course, enterprise blockchain course, blockchain for lawyers and blockchain for impact.

“Blockchain for lawyers is designed to introduce legal professionals from the lens of how smart contracts, like legal contracts, allow mutually distrusting parties to transact and even cooperate with one another across a wide variety of trust models,” said Kayode Babarinde, Executive Director of Africa Blockchain Institute.

ABI intends to educate and train people in blockchain technology in its blockchain school in a bid to get them. It will get them involved in the fourth industrial revolution.

Nigeria Government recently anounced the opening of Information Technology acquisition centers. These centers will help build individuals that will help in the digital growth of Nigeria. 

Moreso, the blockchainschool will focus in training professionals, entrepreneurs and policymakers. They will be trained to be competitive in the market with capabilities to exploit the emerging, disruptive technology.

Pantami, minister of information and digital economy has noted that Nigeria is looking to digitize the economy. He did that the digital economy of Nigeria will be a knowledge-based economy. 

He also encouraged the use of artificial intelligence and blockchian technology which always goes hand in hand. There is numerous blockchain jobs and mostly ethereum developers needed in the crypto space. 

The search for eligible employees with blockchain skills is on increase. This shows the need for a blockchain tutorials centre in the Nigeria to help foster growth and development. 

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