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Last updated on September 11th, 2020 at 10:35 pm

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Bank Of America Bans Former CFO of PayPal from owning a bank account at its bank in America.

Roelof Botha, a high profile investor from America just got banned from using fiat accounts. The notice came with no explanation according to Roelof. 

From Roelof’s most recent tweet today, Bank Of America has restricted him from operating bank account in any of its branch. 

The personal checking and savings account of Roelof just got banned following some uncomfortable banking relations according to the letter of notice.

A period of 21 days was set aside to help him finish up any clarification before the expiration of 30 days. From the later, the account will be banned 30 days from Nov 4, 2019.  

Vinny, CEO of Civic Technologies asks him whether he was involved in any Bitcoin transaction through his account. No reply has been made. 

Mark Jeffrey the CEO and Co-Founder of Guardian Circle said its usual for banks to block cryptocurrency companies not individuals.

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