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The Blockchain Technology can be referred to as a creative discovery or thought. This technology enables recording of the complete transactions of a public ledger of the Bitcoins. So, as a result, the networking of the complete Bitcoin is dependable on the blockchain, since this technology is playing a prominent role. In addition to that, the blockchain technology is categorized into three types namely; public, private and consortium blockchain respectively. Usually, a system of consensus is is followed by blockchain, at where the entire transactions will be taking place among the users, and they are going to be confirmed within a stipulated time of 10 minutes of Block Time by the network, through a process which is called as “Mining”. To be exact, a “Block Time” is defined as the time consumed by the network for generating a spare block in the blockchain. The Block Time will be differing for each cryptocurrency form. For Ethereum its just within a matter of 20 seconds.
A chronological order is going to be implemented, due to mining, in the Blockchain System. The mining will be allowing the different computers available for confirmation of transactions to do so based on the method provided by the bitcoin network. It also protects the neutrality of the networking.

In What Way Can ICO Be Defined?
An ICO can be defined precisely as an Initial Coin Offering, which refers to the creation and sale of the digital tokens. The first and foremost of the sale took place, in 2014. This is a strategy, that was implemented for the purpose of raising funds for any interested project. It involves creating a digital token and making it available for sales in exchange, for any other cryptocurrency with enough liquidity per say, so as to raise funds. In most situations, Bitcoin is considered as a suitable payment option for this. Also some gambling platforms use this. Such as Bitcoin Casinos, instead of using other cryptocurrency forms. There are many other casinos that are offering separate games for the players who are betting with Bitcoins. This digital currency has proved to be a store of value for digital assets.


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