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Brave Browser Launches Brave Ads On Android App Rewarding Users With BAT.

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Last updated on September 6th, 2019 at 10:15 am

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Privacy-protection Brave Ads now launched on Brave Android browser, rewarding users with BAT.

Barely two months after launching the first advertising platform built on privacy for its desktop users. Brave equally launched same on its Android App making it the first privacy browser to reward users on Android. 

The update was rolled out on Google Play Store on July 9, 2019. Users who opt in to viewing privacy-preserving ads are rewarded with 70% of the ad revenue share in Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). 

How It Works:

When a user opts into Brave Rewards (click on the triangle at the right of the URL bar in the Brave browser app), they start seeing Brave Ads and accumulate BAT. They can claim these earned BAT on a monthly basis via the integrated wallet in Brave browser. Users can customize how many ads they’d like to see (1 to 5 per hour), or choose not to see any ads.

Brave browser users can donate the BAT earned from viewing Brave Ads to their favorite websites, YouTube creators, or Twitch streamers. In the future, these rewards in BAT will be redeemed for real-world rewards, such as airtime vouchers and airline ticket etc.

Brave has also partnered with TAP Network to offer voucher services in the future. Rewards earned by users can be redeemed with vouchers made available from TAP Network’s 250,000 brand partners.

“With over 90 campaigns that have run from 71 advertisers to date, Brave Ads have delivered a 22.3% clickthrough-rate across the platform, compared to an industry average of under 2%,”

said Brendan Eich, CEO and Co-Founder of Brave.

Users opt in to participate in viewing ads and as well have their privacy untraced. These ads come in form.of notifications to users who had opted in to view ads. The ads are served on a new web page aside their normal browsing page. 

This is a new development which is geared towards wider spread and adoption of web 3.0. The era of incentivizing your internet usage and respecting your privacy.  

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