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Crypto Bootcamp Community is set to host the biggest blockchain and crypto education bootcamp.

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Crypto Bootcamp Community is hosting the biggest blockchain and crypto education bootcamp–Bootcamp 3.0, to help individuals skill up and access sterling opportunities in the industry.

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Bootcamp 3.0 is the 3rd edition of “The Crypto Bootcamp”– an annual educational event hosted by the Crypto Bootcamp Community to expose individuals to high-income digital skills in the crypto and blockchain industry.

The 10-day event will take place from Monday 21st – Wednesday 30th 2022. It will endorse blockchain education across all strata of society, facilitating inclusion and mainstream adoption.

The blockchain industry is arguably vast. Voted the top in-demand skill in 2020 on LinkedIn, blockchain technology is rapidly taking over a global array of industrial sectors. Troops of interested individuals are delving into the burgeoning space to join the bandwagon of blockchain experts, crypto traders and investors alike. However, several enthusiasts find it difficult to navigate the complexities of blockchain technology and its most common application –Cryptocurrency.

This revolutionary technology is beyond cryptocurrency. It is an ecosystem of game-changing opportunities and gaining a solid foundation in blockchain education is crucial to harnessing its potential. Bootcamp 3.0 seeks to serve this purpose.

Themed ” SKILL UP FOR CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN BLOCKCHAIN”, Bootcamp 3.0 is designed to give individuals a robust learning experience with a range of future-proof Web 3, Crypto and blockchain courses.

“We want to educate people on how much the industry has grown and evolved over the years, to show them why they should be interested in the ecosystem, and the opportunities in it that they can take advantage of.

We are targeting newbies, crypto enthusiasts and non-crypto professionals.

The training is designed to take newbies from zero to skilled, making them contributors to the ecosystem, and beneficiaries of the growing industry. Bootcamp 3.0 would also expose Crypto Enthusiasts to the skill sector in demand in the industry, equipping them to take advantage of the opportunities for jobs in the sector. Finally, we want to educate Non-Crypto Professionals on the basics of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Web3, and bring them into the industry to offer their professional skills, and fill the existing skilled professional vacuum in the ecosystem.” -Obinna Iwuno – Founder of The Crypto Bootcamp Community and Executive Secretary, SiBAN.

Crypto Bootcamp Community is dedicated to promoting Blockchain and Crypto Education. The community is building a robust learning platform to help individuals seamlessly learn and understand the concept of crypto, blockchain technology and Web3 with simple yet relevant and highly engaging courses and content.

Bootcamp 3.0 is yet another opportunity for newbies, crypto enthusiasts, and non-crypto professionals to skill up and position themselves for wealth in blockchain technology.

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About Crypto Bootcamp Community

The Crypto Bootcamp Community is Africa’s premier blockchain community dedicated to driving blockchain mainstream. We have established a robust community that advocates for the inclusion of more individuals in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem through an unparalleled approach to blockchain education.

As a community, we are fully fitted and primed to become a leading facilitator of crypto adoption and innovative tech ideas within Africa and beyond.

We aim to redefine the global digital economy by making blockchain and crypto easy, spearheading blockchain development and lowering barrier entries while paving the way for all strata of society to harness the benefits of this cutting-edge industry.

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