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Step by Step Guide on How to Register New Binance Account.

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Last updated on May 5th, 2021 at 08:27 am

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Welcome. We talked about Decentralized Exchanges in our Last Tutorial. Today we will be looking into Centralized Exchanges.


Binance is the top centralized exchange in the world with a trading volume of up to a $1.2b daily. The most user friendly and robust Centralized Exchange Platform. To start trading on Binance. You have to register on the exchange platform to start using Binance.

To Register, go over to the official site and proceed with the steps required.

Input your email, password and use 25301318 as your Referral ID?. Then agree with Binance Terms Of Use. After that you click register and proceed. You will be prompted to confirm your email. After confirming your email. You are good to go with Binance.


To secure your account, you have to enable google 2 factor authenticator app. Download App from Google Play Store. Once you are done downloading.

Download the Binance Exchange Android App. After downloading, Login to your Binance account from your android mobile app. Go to accounts.

Then you will see Security. Click security it will take you to a new page. From the new page you will see Change Password, Touch ID, Pattern, Google Authenticator and SMS Authenticator. Choose Google Authenticator and Proceed.

Step By Step Guide on How To Trade on Coinbase.


Coinbase is one of the Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange with a high daily trading volume of over $100m. Coinbase Pro is based in USA. A regulatory compliant Cryptocurrency exchange you can trade on with a peace of mind.

Proceed to Coinbase to download the wallet. Make sure to provide a good legal personal information and proceed to exchange and Register. That’s all for today.

Put your email address, then put your password and click the register/signup button to finish your coinbase trading account registration.

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