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10 Crypto Mobile Apps For Newbies (The Full List).

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Last updated on August 30th, 2020 at 02:33 am

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Crypto Mobile Apps: This is a full list of 10 Crypto Mobile Apps For Newbies. The full guide for newbies entering the Cryptocurrency space in Nigeria.

There is a lot of cryptocurrency mobile applications for newbies onboarding into the Cryptocurrency space in Nigeria.

But then, we need to know the exact and verified crypto mobile application for iOS and Android users around the space.

One of the interesting things is that, most of these mobile applications have been designed to suit the ecosystem in Nigeria.

Here is the Full List:

Trust Wallet: Trust wallet is a multi-currency mobile application widely used by Nigerians for sending and receiving Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency around the world. 

The wallet is integrated into Binance DEX, giving you access to trading on decentralized exchange and also trading of DeFi based tokens via the DApp Browser integration.

It is also used for storing your ERC20 based tokens like Tatcoin etc.

Binance Trading App: 

Binance is a Cryptocurrency trading application that you can use to buy and sell Bitcoin using Nigerian Naira. 

You can use Binance to buy your first Bitcoin as low as N200 naira. The withdraw fee is pegged at N50 naira for up to N18 million naira withdrawals.

You can easily navigate the app as a newbie with high volume buy and sell updates.

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Telegram Privacy Focused Social App: 

Telegram is the most popular amongst other crypto mobile apps for privacy focused social messaging. The crypto mobile application is widely used by the cryptocurrency community in Nigeria for community interaction and growth.

We have our own Telegram channel via @diutocoinnewsng and Telegram Channel via @diutocoinnews for daily updates.

Zoom Meeting: A video conferencing mobile application is among the top crypto mobile apps for attending Crypto online meetups and AMA (Ask Me Anything) Sessions.

This video conferencing app is widely used among cryptocurrency community in general aside within Nigeria.

Other Cloud meeting apps include Google Meet for group meetings and official gatherings.

Reddit: This is a social media application widely used for posting news updates. It’s also used by projects for their project news updates, writings and other info.

The app allows upvotes and down voting of articles or news. Users can also earn KARMA for putting up good articles etc.

Medium: Most Crypto Projects doesn’t have any official blog websites. Medium is among top crypto mobile apps widely used for official projects updates alongside Twitter for communicating with the community.

Medium is available in Nigeria and widely used for writing and news blog updates. 

Bitrefill: Bitrefill is a mobile recharge and gift cards vendor crypto mobile app for your mobile refills using Bitcoin, Dogecoin and other listed cryptocurrencies including Dash and Ethereum.

Using the app, you can also buy different types of gift cards including Amazon, Apple, Jumia, PUB G etc. You can try lighting refills using Bitrefill.

Moreover, you earn Satoshi every time you recharge using Bitrefill. Open an account now and start earning free Bitcoin each time you do a phone refill.

Coinmarketcap: Coinmarketcap is a Cryptocurrency data aggregator for the cryptocurrency market. You can use it to see the price of all coins in real-time.

The mobile version can be used to track the price of cryptocurrencies you wish to track and stay up to date with it’s recent market price everyday. 

Tab Trader: Another super cryptocurrency app for traders.

This mobile based application can be used for making technical analysis of the market by traders. 

Traders with a good knowledge of reading the market charts need this app. You can check our beginners guide to technical Analysis to get started with trading charts.

DiutoCoinNews:  The most visited website for up to date cryptocurrency focused only news updates in Nigeria and Africa. 

You can add DiutoCoinNews to your mobile homepage, subscribe and stay up to date for cryptocurrency news and other Bitcoin focused news in Nigeria.

Aside that, you can use it to get started with frequent tutorials and how-to guide for newbies.

Trading View: Another super analytics app for traders. It’s mostly used by advanced traders for checking the price of cryptocurrencies and making market analysis.

You can use it to follow other traders making analysis on traders via charts to help you understand Technical Analysis better from experts.

Kuda Bank: This is not a cryptocurrency mobile application. But then, Kuda Microfinance Bank application is an online only bank that will help you start your Bitcoin business journey easily.

The bank offers up to 22 monthly free transfers to other banks once you have verified with your government identity card.

You can use it to transfer money to vendor bank account when buying Bitcoin with naira at zero fee. With it’s upcoming transition from Verve Cards to Mastercards, it will be easier to buy Bitcoin with Naira using cards at nearly zero fees. 

Download Kuda here: and join with this code: 3EH1XLI9.

Using these apps puts you ahead of the game.

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