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History: Bitcoin Whale Transfers 88,857 $Btc worth $1.15 Billion! BTC for Just $3.34

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HIstory has been made in the crypto space again as the largest transaction in the history of bitcoin trading was recorded hours ago and the wallet as usual is anonymous.

@Themooncarl reported this transaction as soon as the transaction went through. It got global attention, first for its anonymity and Shocking gas fee.

In the last few days bitcoin took a ‘bullish’ stance, it’s no surprise that crypto often witnesses some very large bitcoin transactions and this transaction in one way or the other affects the market. 

Aside from the huge sum of bitcoin involved, what’s noteworthy about this transaction is that the gas fee was remarkably cheap.

No one knows who the address belonged to, but Duitocoinnews has carefully observed that the wallet address has reportedly done a similar huge amount of transfer earlier. 

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If banks were to conduct similar transactions, one would be charged an arm and a leg to send a huge amount of money like this. Big money transfers through banks attract fees of up to 1% or more of the amount being sent, per transaction.

This further throws light to the importance and user friendly nature of Cryptocurrencies and its transactions. 

The $1.15  billion came as the price of BTC fell (- 4.48%) over the past 24 hours to $12,778 according to data from The top cryptocurrency has seen a tumultuous week, in which it sniffed the key $13,350 level before a rapid decline to $ 12,778 and then back up to above the $13,000 zone again.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $13,196 price at press time. We hope to see it touch the $14,000 Zone soon before the year ends.

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