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The Johannesburg City Hackers Demand A Ransom Of Four Bitcoins Worth 10.8 Million Naira.

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The Johannesburg City hackers of Johannesburg City website hack on 24th October was attached to a group of hackers who identified themselves as “Shadow Kill Hackers”. 

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The Johannesburg city website was hacked on Thursday 24 October which saw the lost of sensitive information and data such as personal population information and financial data of the city.

The cyber crime act was reported on Thursday evening. The group identified themselves as the Shadow Kill Hackers. They had left a note on the Twitter page, claiming to “have control of everything” in Johannesburg.

The hacker group had demanded a random of four bitcoin which equates to 10.8 million naira, equivalent to $30,000 at press time. The group demands the payment to be made before 17:00 on Monday 28the October or those data will be uploaded onto the internet.

In a bid to investigate and resolve the Johannesburg City hack, Johannesburg’s official representatives confirmed it has shut down several customer services throughout Friday.


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